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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Double chocolate cookies

One of my favorite baking skill is baking cookies.
Baking cookies are fun and easy to bake.
We never short of biscuit or cookies at home.

I remember how I started to bake cookies it because when I buy them I never have got what I wanted and they are expensive too.
So I learn and taught myself to bake a perfect cookies. As the same as cooking if you cook a lot and do it again and again you will be a perfect cook.

This recipe comes from Bill Granger's cookbook and I did only half of recipe.
I think what I did wrong was I put full quantity of cocoa powder but taste was still great.
This cookies are not sweet and full of dark chocolate.
As you can see I put extra on top of my cookies too.....yummy for chocoholic. 

I have been baking for 2 days and I am so tired. For now I get back and prepare for 4 days working in my roll.....I will bake again when I have day off next time....

Enjoy my cookies

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