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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

1st Failed macarons

I really wanted to know how to bake macarons after I have been reading and studying a lots from internet, food blogs or youtube (even in French I don't even understand French )

So today I decided to make some. I don't care if I don't succeed because all about experience and I just wanted to have a feel how to bake them.

We have a very good patisserie near by and they make a very good macarons cost $2.50 each.
I am not a sweet tooth person but I love baking and want to learn new things and I will not give up.

I knew what I did wrong !!!!

First batch : chocolate macarons I believed beat my egg-white too long and I didn't leave my macarons long enough in the room temperature to let macarons's skin dry ...I thought they would have been left for long because 2.5 hours.. too longgggg

Second batch : yellow one this one I just wanted to try from Gourmet Traveler recipe but I knew since I started piping my first macarons on baking paper because it didn't look like macarons but it looked like meringue 5555

Well !!! I am not disappointed and I had fun and I still eating shells itself.
Luckily, I didn't make filling yet...I think this is just like baking cake..you have to make sure you can bake cake base until they are perfect before moving on to next step.
I will do it again until they are perfect..

I will do it again until they are perfect..

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